What's going on?

There’s plenty going on.

My sister and her daughter came by to visit me from India last month. They were here for about a week and we all had a great time going around the Portland metro area and nearby to the gorge and coast. Here they are at Cannon Beach.


Around the end of May, my landlord and I had a disagreement on the terms for a lease renewal at my current place. So, I decided to move out and started looking for a new place. I found a nice two bedroom condo right by the river in NW Portland and will be moving there this weekend.

I got a paper accepted to a conference called SECRYPT. I will be going to present it at Porto, Portugal during the last few days of July. I just applied for a Visa and am looking forward to my first trip to Europe.

Ignite Portland 3 happened last night. This time Liz was a speaker. She spoke about her experiences of traveling to Afghanistan. She has a ton of stories and did an excellent job of squeezing a five minute rapid fire inspirational talk from them. There was a good variety of topics, just like at the last Ignite Portland, which made the evening quite entertaining. This time we went to the after party at Imbibe and had a great time with friends, old and new. You can see her slides and video right here. They go quite well together.

And lastly for now, Liz and I decided to start a blog together to document our adventures. I kicked it off tonight with a basic theme and a first post about how we met. Check it out and subscribe for more stories in the future.


2 thoughts on “What's going on?

  1. Hey Sam,

    When are you coming to Portugal? You’re welcome to visit in Switzerland – we’re near Geneva and taking a holiday starting July 22nd for two weeks, but anytime before is fine..
    Hope all is well.

    Take care,

    P.S.: Thanks for posting how you met Liz – she sounds like an incredible person – I’ve heard about her from Nate and Maruti. Is she coming with you to Portugal? Enjoy Europe!!

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