No way Netflix!

I got a promotional email from Netflix today. They would like me to forward an offer of a free month of service to my friends and family. A few months ago I would have sent it out to some people, but Netflix's service has gotten progressively worse in recent times. I'll continue to be a subscriber for a while to see how it goes, but there is no way that I'm recommending it to others at this time.


7 thoughts on “No way Netflix!

  1. Yea, I remember reading about that, and am pretty sure I’ve been throttled at times. Someone should figure out cheap downloadable movies.

  2. you mean Netflix deliberately slows things down because: a) their staff are overworked and underpaid and don’t give a chit about fast turnaround or b) it is the policy of Netflix to make a fool of their customers? strangeness on the top of strangeness, don’t ya think so?

    i’m about to return my first movie from Netflix so i can’t confirm or negate your supposition but will probably find out soon enough. not that I care.

    and Sam, thx for a nice comment.

  3. It’s far too early to tell. I was a member for a long time and didn’t notice this until the 2nd year or so, and even then it was after a period of prolific movie watching with quick turnarounds. Hopefully they have mended their ways. They better do, now that the downloadble movie market is going to grow and compete with them.

  4. I have been an avid Netflix user for a couple of years now but I am thinking of giving Blockbuster a try. Very rarely does Netflix have any new movies with a shipping status other than some sort of long wait, despite my having put the movies in my queue when the movies were still in the theaters. And I agree with the poster who complained about the pace of shipment of DVDs slowing when I turn around my movies quickly. For example, I have been catching up on some series lately which causes me to churn through DVDs to catch up. Low and behold, Netflix slows down shipping, or ships from the other side of the country, which automatically builds in days more shipping. And to top it off, there is no way to complain to Netflix as they have removed their email option from contacting them. like I said, maybe it is time to give them up. Netflix is a shadow of their former self. They suck. Their management sucks.

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